Golden Knights owner drops bombshell about ticket revenue

golden knights owner ticket revenue predictions

When Bill Foley’s bid was accepted for the Vegas Golden Knights expansion team, critics were skeptical that Vegas could be a profitable location for a NHL team. The Golden Knights owner spoke to Forbes claiming his team “sold 13,500 of the 17,000 seats” for games, and all the suites. He also dropped this bombshell about revenue.

We are number five, six or seven in terms of ticket revenue in the league. That’s how good Las Vegas has been to us. Edmonton has more revenue in their brand-new arena. The Rangers, Toronto, Chicago Blackhawks, they’re all ahead of us. Montreal is right with us. We have more revenue than the Flyers, Penguins, the Boston Bruins. Most of our tickets are multi-year. The lower bowl is three to ten years.

The Montreal Canadiens, who Foley says they are even with made $76 million. The Boston Bruins made $69 million in comparison. Is Foley accurate in his prediction that his team will make more ticket revenue than many of the established NHL teams in his first year as owner?

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