Graph depicts offseason winners and losers

offseason winners losers

In the NHL offseason, many moves were made to teams' rosters. It's hard to keep track of all the moves, and who came out on top. This graph on Twitter shows which teams were the winners and losers.

The Goals Above Replacement Value, which this graph is based on is not the best measure, but it does tell us something. It tells us how many goals a team will gain or lose by replacing players with other players. For example, let's say a team loses 3 players who scored 60 goals combined and replaces with 3 players who scored 70 goals combined last season. This team would get a +10 on the graph.

The Carolina Hurricanes were the big winners, followed by the Dallas Stars according to this graph. The Chicago Blackhawks and the Washington Capitals were the big losers. Teams which made big moves such as the New Jersey Devils and Montreal Canadiens remained almost even.

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