Steve Carell has his own Elite Prospects page

steve carell

Steve Carell played hockey growing up, and he was a goalie. In an interview with ESPN, Carell talks about his dream of playing professional hockey.

I was a goalie. At a certain point, you either have to commit to that as a potential career or let it become a fun hobby. That happened in high school. I had to think about whether I was going to a Division I college hockey program and fight for a job of a goaltender or do something else. Instead, I went to a Division III school (Denison University in Ohio) and played throughout college. It was for fun and not advancing myself.

Carell said he was a Boston Bruins fan, which inspired him to play hockey. Carell even has his own Elite Prospects page.

The actor incorporated his love for hockey into the hit TV show, The Office.

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