Avs legend Peter Forsberg says to 'bench and trade' Matt Duchene

peter forsberg matt duchene

During a Swedish broadcast of the Colorado Avalanche and New Jersey Devils game on Saturday, Avs legend Peter Forsberg said the Avalanche should “bench and trade” disgruntled center Matt Duchene.

Doubtful that he should be allowed to play (with Colorado). Put him in the stands. If I were playing with a player that I know doesn’t even want to be in the team, it’s not like he is going to throw himself on the ice and block shots with his head. It is mostly difficult to have a player like that in the team, although he is skillful and is doing his best. I would rather play with someone that wants to be there. I would put him on the bench and trade him.

Forsberg added that he would never have played with someone that doesn’t want to play for his team, and that this situation takes energy away from the team.

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