Bettman hints at bringing back controversial glowing puck technology

gary bettman glowing puck technology

Twenty-one years ago, in 1996, the Fox Network debuted the glowing puck technology during its NHL broadcasts. When the NHL ended their partnership with Fox, the glowing puck was discontinued. Commissioner Gary Bettman wants to bring it back.

Watch some footage of the glowing puck during the NHL All-Star Game.

ESPN reports that Bettman said:

While it was the subject of much discussion, and some derision, in 1996, the technology of Fox Sports' glowing puck was the precursor of the first-down line that has become standard practice for any football broadcast, and any number of innovations.  
Actually, we are working on a dramatically updated version of that technology, and we have plans to roll out updated player and puck tracking. We are literally going back to the future.

The glowing puck would look different with the technology available today. What's your opinion, should the NHL adopt a puck tracking system? Let us know in the comments below.

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