BREAKING: New development in the Vadim Shipachyov saga

It's safe to say that Vadim Shipachyov has not had the start to his NHL career that he had hoped. Not for performance mind you, but because of the management of him by the Golden Knights.

The 30 year old center was sent back down to the Golden Knights AHL affiliate (Chicago Wolves) for the 2nd time so far this season after only playing 3 games and scoring 1 goal. Shipachyov then decided he would not report to the Wolves and instead went back to Vegas to be with his family, as reported by Eric Engels here:

The Golden Knights responded to this by suspending him for leaving the Wolves. It's likely that Vegas will terminate Shipachyov's contract (2 years, 4.5M per year) if this situation does not get solved. Shipachyov's agent was given permission by Vegas to shop him around, but no rumors or rumblings have come up about a possible trade discussion.

Do you think Shipachyov is being immature for leaving the Wolves, or are the Golden Knights management just severely mishandling him? Leave a comment below.