MONSTER TRADE RUMOR: Alex Galchenyuk to Islanders

According to radio host Jean-Charles Lajoie from 91.9 Sports in Montreal, the Montreal Canadiens could make a monster move before the NHL Trade Deadline in February of next year.

Surprising us all, Montreal GM Marc Bergevin currently sits with $9 million free cap space he could've used at any moment in time to help the failing team out this season. While normally, the Habs always use their cap allowance, rumor out of Montreal states that Bergevin is currently waiting to acquire New York Islanders' captain John Tavares if he becomes available at the end of the season. He reportedly wants to have as much as money as possible to sign Tavares to a long-term contract this off-season.

Not only does Jean-Charles Lajoie's hypothesis could make sense, but Islanders' GM Garth Snow has reportedly had Montreal Canadiens' Alex Galchenyuk "spied" on by his staff and would have to be included in any deal involving Tavares.
I have heard that Garth Snow and his staff would have investigated on Alex Galchenyuk's behaviour outside the rink. Not directly to Marc Bergevin but other hockey people close to the situation. This would have taken place during the summer and recently, Lajoie stated during a segment on 91.9 Sports.
Although this is a deal that is improbable, but anything is possible. Earlier this year, Isles legend Mike Bossy contemplated a trade between the Islanders and the Canadiens which would send the Ontario native to Montreal in exchange for a handful of talent. Here is Bossy's proposal:

To Montreal:
  • John Tavares

To New York:
  • Alex Galchenyuk
  • Mikhail Segachev
  • Charlie Lindgren
  • 2017 1st round pick
Although both Mikhail Sergachev and last year's 1st round pick are gone, the trade seemed like a pretty fair trade for both teams. Bossy thinks that this rumor of Alex Galchenyuk to the Islanders for the captain would make sense for both sides but wonders what whould Montreal have to add to acquire Tavares' services before the end of the season.

Do you see Tavares in Montreal?

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