Breaking: Update on goaltender Corey Crawford's health

We reported yesterday that Blackhawks' goaltender Corey Crawford could miss the rest of the season with "vertigo like symptoms", we now have an update on Crawford's health.

Scotty Bowman, a senior adviser for the Blackhawks, has announced Crawford is likely suffering from Post-Concussion Syndrome and not vertigo.

This is where the situation of Crawford's health really needs to be considered over whether or not he will return this season, especially considering the 33-year old's history of injuries. While he may be having an excellent season, his health really is a concern now.

Post Concussion Syndrome not only carries physical symptoms like frequent headaches, but also psychological symptoms like an increase in irritability, anxiety, depression, and a general change in personality. Furthermore, it shows worsening of memory, especially short-term.

It would not surprise me if Crawford has played his last game in an NHL uniform. Our thoughts and prayers are with Crawford and his family.

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