Poll: Should Auston Matthews' goal against Colorado have counted?

The Colorado Avalanche are just coming off a loss to the Montreal Canadiens, ending their winning streak at 10 games. However many people are arguing they should not have won the 10th game against Toronto due to a very controversial call.

During the 2nd period of the Colorado vs Toronto game, Auston Matthews appears to score a goal against former Maple Leaf Jonathan Bernier. However after a review by the referees, it was determined that Matthews made contact with Bernier's stick and blocker, and therefore interfered with the goaltender. The goal was called back, and the Avalanche went on to take a 3-2 lead before scoring an empty net goal, and winning the game 4-2.

There seems to be 2 sides to this argument. Those who defend the goal being called back believe that Bernier was in fact interfered with, and Matthews' stick and skate were in the crease, and therefore the goal should be called back.

The other side acknowledges that Matthews was in the crease and did make contact with the Colorado net-minder. However as you'll see in the video below, Bernier does not know where the puck is, and could not find it until it was in the net. They believe the goal should still count considering Bernier could not find the puck, and Matthews making contact with his blocker and stick would not change that.

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Should the Matthews goal against Colorado have counted?

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If you would like to see a clip of the disallowed goal, you can watch this video below: