NHL Trade Rumors: Max Pacioretty to Vegas Golden Knights

The 17/18 NHL season is one filled with surprising outcomes, from the stunning success of the Golden Knights to the disappointing Oilers, Habs and Sens. As the trade deadline approaches, speculation over the bottom teams’ top players continues to grow, with no player garnering as much attention as Max Pacioretty. The Canadiens are a team that have time and time again shown a lack of top six scoring in the regular season and beyond, preventing them from capitalizing on the amazing play of their goaltender, and, with Price’s best years nearing a close, the Habs need to decide to either make a drastic change now, or begin the infamous rebuild stage.

Vegas Golden Knights:

The Golden Knights have been the surprising success story of this NHL season and because of their unlikely success, it is possible they are willing to forfeit some of the team’s “future” talent in hopes of perusing an inaugural cup win. Max Pacioretty may very well be the key piece that young group needs to walk them through the challenges of the post season.

Expect to see a 1st and two blue chips (Cody Glass (F), or Nick Suzuki(F)) headed to Montreal in exchange for their captain.

Toronto Maple Leafs:

The Maple Leafs are a team that, thanks to the success of their young players, have become the offensive force of the league, however, come next season, they face a number of contract issues. With the impending colossal contract for Mathews (expect 12M+), re-signing both Marner and Nylander seems unfeasible. Swapping one of these young talents, along with a prospect or a pick, for the reasonably priced Pacioretty (who carries a cap hip of 4.5M aav) could be a strategic move for the leafs, both on and off the ice.

San Jose Sharks:

At first glance, the Sharks may seem like an odd inclusion in this discussion, however, when diving into their previous post season woes and their potential playoff matchups in the pacific division, it becomes clear that Max would be a more than welcomed inclusion to the roster. His scoring abilities alongside top end Sharks, Joe Pavelski, Brent Burns and Logan Couture, can help San Jose make it out of the West and capture their first cup in franchise history.

Thomas Hertl, Chris Tierney and a 2nd round pick should be enough for Montreal to pull the trigger on this deal.

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