BREAKING: Evander Kane Officially Signs with Sharks

Earlier this week we reported on Evander Kane closing on a contract extension with the San Jose Sharks. The contract is finalised and signed. The details are below.
The Sharks have signed Evander Kane to a 7-year, 49 million dollar extension with an annual cap hit of 7 million dollars. Nothing we didn't expect.

However, the big point is Kane also has a modified no trade clause. Kane can submit a list of 3 teams that he CAN be traded to. In other words, Kane submits a 28 team no trade list. Considering the controversy that surrounds this player, and the reported issues he has had in the locker room during his time with Winnipeg and Buffalo, this might be a problem for the Sharks in the future.

Since arriving in San Jose, Kane scored 9 goals and 14 points in 17 regular season games, as well as 4 goals and 5 points in 9 playoff games.

Smart signing? Comment below.

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