NHL Trade Rumors: Artemi Panarin to Toronto Maple Leafs

artemi panarin nhl trade rumors

NHL insider, Elliott Friedman, did an interview with NHL Network, and said Artemi Panarnin met with the Columbus Blue Jackets in France to let them know he won't sign with the Jackets now, and later when training camp opens. Uh-oh where will Panarin go?

Friedman said the Toronto Maple Leafs and San Jose Sharks are teams that might pursue Panarin as a 1 year rental. It's hard to fathom that a team loaded with star power like the Maple Leafs could add Panarin's contract, but the Leafs could fit his $6 M cap hit contract since they currently have $14.74 M in space. It would be more challenging for the Sharks to fit his contract since they currently have $4.38 M in cap space.

There is a real possibility that if Panarin is not signed soon by the Jackets, he is traded. Comment below some trades the Maple Leafs and Sharks could make for Artemi Panarin.

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