BREAKING: Ottawa Citizen Rejects Request to Remove Uber Clip

In case you haven't heard, a clip from a hidden camera in an Uber caught six members of the Ottawa Senators trash talking one of their team's coaches. The clip has been posted online all over the place, including the Ottawa Citizen newspaper.
The Senators formally demanded that the video be removed, claiming it was a direct violation of the players' privacy. A letter was drafted by team lawyers on the topic. Here is a small portion of it.

"The Citizen's mass publication of the video is a clear violation of the rights of the Senators players involved under Ontario law and has damaged the Ottawa Senators..."

The Citizen does not view this video as a violation of privacy, and has decided to ignore the request made by the Senators to remove the video.

The clip has since been removed from Youtube and other video sharing websites. Uber has stated this was a violation of their guidelines actually assisted in the removal of the clip from some websites.

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