William Nylander Officially Hits the Trade Market

A new development in the William Nylander saga has been reported on Hockey Night in Canada.

NHL insider, Elliotte Friedman, reported on Saturday night during the second intermission of the Leafs vs Bruins game, that Leafs GM Kyle Dubas has asked interested teams to put together trade offers for the talented right winger.

While Dubas remains adamant that signing Nylander is still the priority, the longer this drags on the more likely a trade becomes.

Teams linked to the situation have been Carolina, Philadelphia, & Los Angelas. However, one can only assume that when a talented you winger such as Nylander becomes available, there will be significantly more interested parties than just 3.

While it is impossible to speculate who the Leafs would target in a trade, the popular opinion among fans and media alike is that the Leafs would likely be looking for a top end young defender to be part of any deal.

One way or another, this drama is likely to come to an end in the next couple of weeks which will only be good for both the team and the player.

Time will tell.

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