Breaking Rumor - Drew Doughty to the Toronto Maple Leafs

The Golden State War.....I mean Toronto Maple Leafs are trying to add Drew Doughty to make a push for the cup this season.

So is this possible?

Well yes, anything is possible. The Leafs are ok from a cap perspective this year, but would either need to move him again in the summer or say goodbye to multiple players currently playing on the team such as William Nylander, Jake Gardiner, Nikita Zaitsev, Patrick Marleau, etc.

And no, you can't just trade John Tavares to make room. John has a full no movement clause (NMC) in his contract.

Doughty's cap hit next year is $11,000,000, the same number that John Tavares is currently making. Young stars Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner are likely in that ballpark as well after they sign new deals this coming summer.

No one will dispute that Doughty is worth the 11 million. Drew is one of the surefire bets in the NHL among defenceman, but the Leafs are unlikely to tie up half their available cap next season in 4 players. Again, it is possible, but unlikely.

If Doughty finds his way to the Leafs this season, he would need to waive his own NMC to do so. That probably wouldn't be an issue given the state of the Kings vs the current success of the Leafs. However, it would likely only be as a rental. A very costly rental to acquire as the team would likely have to give up multiple high draft picks, quality young players such as Kapanen or Johnsson, and budding defensive prospects such as Timothy Liljegren or Rasmus Sandin.

As a rental, the Doughty situation would be further complicated by his own NMC once actually in Toronto.

While this would be the blockbuster of all blockbusters, the likelihood of #8 in Blue & White was a pre John Tavares dream.

We are in the business of reporting rumors and this is one of the juiciest ones we have gotten wind of in a long time.

Stay tune Leafs and Kings fans! Sometimes where there is smoke, there is fire!

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