Former NHL fighter wants a piece of Marchand

Former NHLer Gary Roberts stated during an interview that he would like to come back to the game for a few more shifts to straighten out Boston Bruins' Brad Marchand.

Marchand didn't get his nickname the rat, originally owned by Ken Linseman, for nothing. He has made his fair share of enemies throughout the years for his way of getting underneath any players' skin and performing a couple cheapshots too.
I would love to come back for a few shifts against [Brad] Marchand, Roberts stated during an interview. He's made himself into a heck of a hockey player. Love the way he plays... 100 percent. I just don't like the sideshow stuff he does. I don't think there's a place for stuff like that in the game. If somebody is allowed to act that way on the ice then somebody [else] should be allowed to do something about it. Unfortunately that's not the case.
Roberts notched over 2,500 penalty minutes throughout his NHL career and was looked as a player capable of scoring and throwing punches too. But we got to give Marchand some credit for managing to annoy a guy that hasn't played in the League in the last 10 years.

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