How to ruin Christmas for a neighbourhood

An Ottawa family that has built an outdoor hockey rink on their front lawn for the neighbourhood to enjoy for the past couple of years are being forced to take it down after a neighbour complained to the city calling it an 'eyesore' and claiming that it violates city bylaws.

Cory Cosgrove, the man who built the rink for his three daughters, claimed he was told by a city bylaw official that the boards of the rink were on city property, so he moved them back. Nevertheless, the official came back this week to tell him that the boards will have to be taken down.

They say there's not much they can do as far as having a slab of ice on your front yard for the kids to play on, but the structure itself is the issue, the father of three told CTV Ottawa.

The complainer told CTV Ottawa that Cosgrove never spoke with her before putting up the boards for the rink. Others in the neighbourhood explained they had no problem with the rink.

I guess the Grinch is out, Greg Hill, a resident of the neighbourhood explained. We always talk about wanting the kids to get outside more and have fun and this is how they do it. And if people have a problem with this sort of thing, it's a shame that they can't do it.
In response to the public outcry on social media, Ottawa mayor Jim Watson has asked his staff to review the case stating, We are a hockey nation and what can be wrong with playing hockey in your own backyard, the mayor tweeted.

In my opinion, how can one have no problem with it years prior and this specific year get tired of it? And how can it now be a problem when the nation has had snow for roughly the past two to three week? What's your opinion on the matter?

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