Byron texts Hudon with encouraging message

Paul Byron wears the "A" on his jersey, and sometimes it's the simple things that can make us see the real leaders in organizations.

After Byron was suspended 3-games for charging, it would mean that Charles Hudon would get a chance to hit the ice with the Canadiens after reportedly asking for a trade earlier this month. When the Montreal Canadiens were going home from their road game against the Columbus Blue Jackets, Hudon learned he would play against the Philadelphia Flyers.
Paul texted me when he learnt about his 3-game suspension, Hudon said. He told me that I had the chance to play in his place, and that I should seize my chance. He said I can create very good plays and help the team. That I can open everyone's eyes that I can earn my minutes. When you're going through tough times, when you're not playing for a long period of time, it's heartwarming to receive those sorts of things.
Although Hudon didn't play the first game since Byron's suspension against the Columbus Blue Jackets due to the fact that head coach Claude Julien decided to play Matthew Peca, Hudon was told he would play next game.
Weber was next to me when I learned I was going to play against the Flyers. He was happy for me. He told me good things and he told me not to give up. It was comforting. I have a good complicity with Paul, he's one of my good friends. Shea's our captain, and he leads like one. He talks and encourages everyone.
Last year, Hudon had a decent season by scoring 30 points in 72 games. This year, it seems to have went down hill, he currently has only 4 points in 25 games.
I don't want to let myself get invaded by frustration. It's part of hockey, the business aspect of it. If something is to happen, it'll happen. Me, my first option is to stay with the Canadiens. It's my city, it's my team.
It's always nice to see teammates encourage one another when they're going through a tough time. 

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