Gotta see it: Lindholm gets McDavid from behind and not penalized

Recently it seems as if NHL officials are reluctant to call penalties when there are clearly calls to be made. And tonight, we saw the proof of that after Anaheim Ducks' Ryan Kesler pushed Edmonton superstar Connor McDavid headfirst into the boards.

Sunday night, as the Edmonton Oilers faced the Anaheim Ducks at Honda Center, things were very physical throughout the entirety of the match. With numerous players being sent to the penalty box due to after-whistle altercations and just wanting a piece of each other, things got very risky when Ryan Kesler plowed Connor McDavid headfirst into the boards.

What is considered a very dangerous play, there was no call at all with the official staring at the play and never raising his arm. Have a look at the play:

This season seems to be the worst for stars of the likes of Vancouver's Elias Pettersson who was choke slammed at the beginning of the season resulting in an injury by Florida's Mike Matheson which wasn't called by the official, but then resulted in a 2-game suspension for him. Players have taken some liberties on McDavid, Tom Wilson, and many others. Do you believe that the NHL officiating system is sometimes biased or inconsistent?

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