Gotta See It: Tie and Max Domi troll Leafs fans

Once Max Domi was sent to the Montreal Canadiens for Alex Galchenyuk, his father Tie knew that his loyalty to the Toronto Maple Leafs would be put into question. And that is why Tie and his son Max have trolled Leafs fans in the best possible way.

Tie Domi played for the Toronto Maple Leafs for most of his career. If you're a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, you can't be a Montreal Canadiens fan or vice versa. Montreal and Toronto possibly the biggest and longest rivalry in the NHL apart from the Montreal and Boston one.

Tie Domi took Maple Leafs fans by surprise when he left the Maple Leafs allegiance in his past and embraced the Montreal Canadiens along with his son. Check out the video from NBC in which Tie wore the Bleu, Blanc et Rouge sweater at the Bell Centre in Montreal: Leafs fans took to twitter with some saying that it wasn't right and even John Shannon from Sportsnet stated that it was "something that I never thought I'd see... oh my..." This goes on to show that any hockey father is willing to go and cheer on their son even if they play for the rival team. This is just great.

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