Travis Hamonic reveals details behind his absence

Travis Hamonic is probably one of Calgary's best defenceman and is an all-around good guy within the league and the organization. That's why when he had to step away from the game, there was a genuine concern by both teammates and fans alike.

It has been revealed that the motivating factor behind Hamonic stepping away is because of his daughter Charlie, who fell seriously sick and was rushed to the Alberta Children's Hospital in Calgary for treatment. Hamonic revealed to reporters that the experience is haunting to both him and his wife Stephanie.
She's been really sick, Hamonic told the Calgary Sun. It's been a hard week for my wife and I and our entire family. To watch my daughter like that, she's the strongest person I know. The strength and the perseverance to keep fighting like she has all week, as a dad, it bring tears to your eyes for numerous reasons. To say how proud I am for her to fight through and push through - to see your daughter in that circumstance is a nightmare.
 Hamonic has always been family oriented, even when he played for the New York Islanders, he quietly asked to be traded to be closer a family member that had fallen sick also. It's without a doubt that when his daughter became sick as well he was there and put hockey on the back burner.
Everything goes out the window, Hamonic said. My wife and I haven't left her side, we've been sitting in the room with her 24/7 and we probably won't leave her side, even when she's 50. We play a game for a living and it's my job and I take my job seriously, but my daughter is the most important focal point in my life.
Hamonic stated that both teammates and staff respect his decision to step away and have supported him for such an important matter.

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