Details emerge what caused University hockey game brawl

The details as to what caused the university hockey game to turn sour between the Acadia Axemen and St. FX X-men on February 2nd have released.

According to reports, what triggered the brawl was comments made by an Acadia Axemen player who allegedly said a derogatory comment related to a sexual assault survivor aimed at one player of St. FX.

In a statement issued by St. Francis Xavier University, the school stated that the brawl began after one of their own players, Sam Studnicka, was targeted by Acadia. The statement doesn't say what Studnicka's connection to the sexual assault survivor is.

Throughout his 3-year tenure with Atlantic University Sport (AUS), he has been repeatedly targeted by others with insulting and shaming comments related to the sexual assault survivor.
It has been frustrating that one AUS hockey program, in particular, has elicted repeated on-ice comments directed towards me, Studnicka stated.
Studnicka continued by stating that when he was next on the ice to take a faceoff, the opposing team's head coach sent the player in particular to take the faceoff and that's when the brawl began.
Have a look at the video:

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