Gotta See It: Elias Lindholm mocks former team in hilarious fashion

On Saturday, the Calgary Flames were in Raleigh for a matchup against the Carolina Hurricanes. The Flames beat the Hurricanes 4-3 and former player Elias Lindholm mocked the organization in a hilarious fashion.

After being traded earlier this season along with Noah Hanifin, Lindholm has found it pretty neat in Calgary, he has turned into 5th overall pick he was meant to be. Having the best season of his career, Lindholm has 59 points in 52 games this season.

Have a look at Lindholm's mock that caused fans to boo the former Hurricane:
Lindholm adds insult to injury after beating his former franchise, but in your opinion, was it uncalled for or was it the right choice to do in front of his former team?

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