Gotta See It: Malkin ejected after swinging stick at Flyers' Raffl's head

The Battle of Pennsylvania is one of hockey's most captivating rivalries in the game, and on Monday night, we got a front row seat to how nasty it is. In the final minutes of the third period, Malkin took a punch from Philadelphia's Raffl and retaliated by swinging his stick just grazing Raffl's head.

Malkin was given a match penalty and ejected from the game, the Penguins won the game 4-1. Have a look at the Penguins' lumberjack in action:
Malkin has returned from the lineup after missing four games with an upper-body injury, and could miss some more if he is suspended after his hearing with the NHL Department of Player and Safety on Tuesday.

 In your opinion, is this high-sticking/Slashing suspendable?

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