Beasts of the East: Tampa Bay sends a message as they blow out the Maple Leafs

The Tampa Bay Lightning came into Toronto and took over. From the media in the morning to the moment puck dropped, it was a Lightning show.

Earlier in the day, Stamkos was busy chirping the NHL playoff set-up and rightfully so, while his head coach was busy giving Mitch Marner the biggest tire pump in the league. Followed that up by running the Maple Leafs show 60 minutes, decent day for the leaders of the East.

The Bolts chased a tired Freddie Andersen and made their way with Garret Sparks after that. The depth forwards were chipping in all night, these guys are enjoying one of the most historic seasons of all time. Not to mention Nikita Kucherov has set the record for most points by a Russia born player. All world player, all world team.

Tampa is the complete package. Unreal goaltending, steady defenders, and balance up front, all willing to work and being directed but a competent coach. A solid recipe for success. There's no doubt the eastern conference bracket will have to run through the storm in Tampa.