Drew Doughty didn't hold anything back when asked about the Kings season

Drew Doughty knows this season is a write-off. The Kings have been struggling the entire season and it's been a whirlwind of emotions for the Norris trophy winning d-man.

Doughty spoke with the Daily News recently and mentioned the following:
We have so many good players in here, never thought that was going to happen. I always pictured myself being on teams that would never be in last place.But stuff happens. You go through rebuilding processes, guys get older, they lose a step. It’s just the way it goes, so we’ve just gotta finish this season strong. It’s hard to have fun, that’s for sure. I haven’t had fun basically this entire season, you know, and that’s all due to losing and not winning hockey games. And, yeah, it’s been a (expletive) season; it’s sucked.”
Make no mistake about it, there will be a lot of phone calls heading in the direction of the Kings management team to see if they have any interest in moving Doughty for the right price. This traction should pick up at the Draft.

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