Leaf fans call 911 to express annoyance about Amber Alert for missing girl

Peel Regional Police say they received 89 calls they deemed to be a misuse of the 911 operating system during the time of an Amber Alert issued last month for a missing 11-year old girl who was later found dead.

According to the report, Peel police say they received up to 89 calls from people being annoyed by the Amber Alert. The subject of the Amber Alert was Riya Rajkumar, an 11-year old girl that was found dead on February 14th in the home of her father within the hour of the alert being issued.

Her father, Roopesh Rajkumar was arrested by the Ontario Provincial Police and was charged with first degree murder in the killing of his daughter, but he later died in hospital from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Peel Regional Police issued the Amber Alert at 11:36 p.m on February 14th, and up until 3 p.m on February 15th, they claim that they received 208 calls through their 911 operating system, and 43 per cent where deemed as a misuse of the system.
We are trying to watch the Leafs game, one fan stated after calling the 911 operating system. No one can watch TV until this child is found. This will destroy our program, you can't take away TV completely, it has to be secondary. 
Police say that the misuses of the operating system take up time that could be used for real emergencies. Since 2018, the number of misuses of the 911 call have increased 18 per cent and it's almost been a quarter of the year. 

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