Owner of trucking company involved in Humbolt Broncos crash pleads guilty to safety charges

The owner of the Calgary-based trucking company that was involved in the deadly crash that killed 16 young hockey players and staff, and injured 13 others has pleaded guilty to safety charges. He admitted that he did not follow provincial and federal safety rules leading up to the crash.

Sukhamander Singh of Adesh Deol Trucking was not in court when his lawyer pleaded guilty on his behalf to five charges. He was fined $5,000 and his business is no longer in business.
Crown tells court this trucking company no longer exists. The crash sparked an investigation into the company logs -- logs were pulled from Jan 1/18- March31/18 and the inspection revealed there were numerous days where no daily log was provided, Nancy Hixt, reporter for Global Calgary stated on Twitter.
 The charges included failing to keep a daily drivers log, neglecting to ensure his drivers complied with safety regulations and having more than one daily log book. Singh also pleaded guilty to not having or following a written safety program.