Video: Matthew Barnaby Jr just did something Dad never could, stole the puck and sniped a beauty!

Matthew Barnaby finished his career with 2562 penalty minutes. He enjoyed chirping anyone within earshot and would gladly drop the mitts at any time. Tough as nails and especially for a little guy, Barnaby loved to stand up for himself and his teammates.

Barnaby was never one to light the lamp on a consistent basis as he never enjoyed a 20 goal season, however, his son MB Jr is a pure sniper. Check out this play from Sunday's game as the Penn State committed Barnaby Jr puts on a clinic on how to forecheck and cause havoc all by yourself. Turns out the 9-hour drive for Dad was worth it:

Barnaby Sr is going to love that one. Since retirement, he's been busy covering hockey through Sirius XM radio and recently announced he has a podcast coming out called Unfiltered with Matthew Barnaby.  If Jr keeps playing like this, it won't be long before Dad will have something to say about his game in the NHL.

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