Video: Is Aleksander Barkov the most underrated player in the league?

Playing hockey in the Sunshine state has a ton of perks. Anything from the weather to the privacy is appealing for potential free agents, however, for their homegrown Captain, playing in Florida has left him missing one thing Aleksander Barkov truly deserves...The Spotlight!
Barkov led the Panthers to victory Friday night against the Wild by chipping in with a career-high five assists. The middle man has set a career high in goals this season and is well on his way to set the same milestone with assists.

Barkov never gets mentioned with the likes of the McDavid's or Matthews, but make no mistake, if Barkov played in a big market, he'd be one of the most marketable superstars in the league. He's every coach's dream, a complete package 200-foot player, responsible in all three zones and the quiet leader some team's vividly lack.

Barkov's vision was on display as the Panthers tamed the Wild:

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