Former Minnesota North Stars Stephane Roy arrested

Hall of Famer Patrick Roy's brother, Stephane, was arrested today. Stephane is being charged with mischief and breach of probation.

The events took place Tuesday at his mother's residence in Saint-Augustin. The accused has been charged with mischief after he broke a chair and a door at his mother's home. He was also charged with a breach of probation. The 51-year-old man was charged previously in January for harassment where he was found guilty. He was also accused of fraud, using false documents and files that went all the way back to June of 2018.

As he appeared in court this afternoon, he sighed loudly and closed his eyes during the complete court appearance.

Back in September 2017, Stephane created an article that appeared in La Presse, where he admitted to having a "control problem" and spoke openly about how his well-being has been going in a downward spiral. He believes that the multiple concussions he has suffered over the years are taking a toll on his mental health. In summer of 2017, he was also implicated in a car crash where he was supposedly injured.

Stephane will reappear in court on Friday to see if he is deemed well enough to be put back into society.

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