Jordan Binnington responds to controversial comments

St. Louis Blues rookie netminder Jordan Binnington has been nothing short of spectacular this season. Apparently, he's been so spectacular that California-based journalist Paul Gackle felt the need to go into Binnington's Twitter and unearth controversial tweets.

Back in 2013 and 2014, Binnington, who wasn't part of the NHL, made a series of controversial tweets that have upset people today.
I was thinking, when people who wear burkas are at the airport how is the security able to see if that's them in their passport... srsly, Binnington tweeted in 2013.
Unearthed and exposed, Binnington responded in a way any player would have.
It was a while ago when I was a teenager. It was a little sarcasm and joking around. That's what life is about, you live and learn, and you grow as a human. I'm just here to play a couple hockey games.
Even Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly responded accordingly to Binnington's tweet in a statement.
Obviously, we don't condone public comments that could be perceived as insensitive. But based on what we've been made aware of to this point, we don't believe there is any basis to specifically address or even comment on five-year old social media posts from a player who wasn't even part of the National Hockey League at the time.


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