NHL Trade Rumor: Mitch Marner could be traded according to 2 top NHL insiders

Mitch Marner's situation is one of the most interesting for this off-season. What will the Maple Leafs do, will they trade him, or sign him? According to Elliotte Friedman and Darren Dreger, Marner might be traded rather than signed.

I think what the Toronto Maple Leafs are saying by mentioning July 1 date is that they're not going to let anyone else dictate to them about Mitch Marner's salary is going to be, Elliotte Friedman stated during his segment. If a deal is not reached by July 1st, anything is in the air. 
Friedman either suggested that Marner is either going to be traded or the unwritten rule will be broken come July 1st. TSN's Darren Dreger also added to the conversation, but was more direct in his claims.
The question is: Can you afford to add two, let alone three $11 million players in Matthews, Tavares and in Mitch Marner? Dreger stated in an article on TSN's website. I don't see it - but the unthinkable is, what do you do? Do you move Mitch Marner? If you legitimately can't get to $10 million or more and you're legitimately afraid of an offer sheet, what do you do?
 Dreger obviously is pointing towards a trade, but what will Marner bring in if he is traded?
Do you trade him? Do you trade one of them? Dreger added.  You're not trading Auston Matthews. You're not trading John Tavares. Dubas can't show his hand, but how much fun would it be to sit in on that post-mortem of hockey operations of the Toronto Maple Leafs as they plan and strategize moving forward.
 If I'm Darren Ferris [Marner's agent], I'm hiding! The conversation I would have would be short - it would be, 'All right, you guys know what's it going to take if you're not going beyond $10.5, don't bother calling. If you're around 11, then give me a call. Otherwise, I'll see you in mid-June.
It may be ludicrous, but could Marner be traded?

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