Nikita Kucherov will have a hearing Saturday, after this ugly hit on Blue Jackets' Markus Nutivaara

The Tampa Bay Lightning's best player has a hearing with the NHL on Saturday, and if it doesn't go so well for the Bolts, Nikita Kucherov may be sitting out one game. Considering the momentum the Blue Jackets are carrying in from the Sunshine State, the Lightning could be in big, big trouble.

Kucherov obviously was frustrated from being down 4 goals in a playoff game, he still should be smarter than this. Play tough in the playoffs, but don't play stupid. Tampa Bay scored the first few goals in this series, and have been getting worked ever since. If they are bounced in the first round, the entire playoff picture becomes a shattered mess of awesome.

Knocking off one of the top 5 teams ever in the over 100-year history of the NHL would be quite the feat. That's a lot of teams. The Jackets may catch a huge break as we all wait and see if Kucherov will be allowed to suit up for game 3 after this hit...

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