P.K Subban speaks out about constant trade rumors surrounding him

With trade rumors surrounding him constantly year after year, P.K Subban has finally broken his silence.

The Athletic's John Glennon Subban's answer about the constant trade rumors swirling around the defender on Twitter.
I'm lucky to have been traded in my career and understand the business side of it. But that doesn't change the emotional part of playing in Nashville. This is a place I've talked about with teammates and friends, a place I would love to continue my career, and who knows? Your career is long. But Nashville is a very hard place to not imagine yourself playing. It's a great city. The way that Barb and Herb Fritch and the rest of the organization, Sean Henry and everybody in the front office, in terms of what they do every day to make this a fun place and a great place to play. They've done an amazing job and I can't think of anything in a negative way about this organization or city or my transition here that would want me to play anywhere else.
But in the same token, if I'm talking facts, I'm the highest paid player on this team, and with that comes a responsibility. Just like everybody else, the responsibility is on me to take the fact that we didn't win the first round, we didn't accomplish what we wanted to accomplish. I hope I'm part of the solution. I hope I can be here and be part of that. But at the same token, I'm prepared to understand that this organization deserves and demands the best, and they should. The city and the fans deserve to have the best team on the ice come September.
All I can do is prepare to get myself prepared the best I can to win a Stanley Cup and do my job. I feel very confident about the years I've had here with the play of our team. That's the most important thing. My job is to just come in and try to fit in around the great core group of players they've had here and that they've tried to build a championship team around, and do my job. I love the core group. I love the guys here. All I can hope is to continue to try to help this team win a championship. That's it.
Quite the lengthy paragraph as Subban is preparing himself for off-season to see how things go. Rumors have surrounded Subban his entire career, since the beginning in Montreal, and all the way to Nashville.

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