Report: Maple Leafs Won't Rule Out Trading Mitch Marner

According to TSN's Daren Dreger who was on sports radio this morning, the Maple Leafs may have to think about the potential of trading Mitch Marner. With the contract talks expected to exceed 10 million dollars, and the unlikely hood of trading either Auston Matthews or John Tavares, there simply put, just may not be enough money to go around.

Trading a young superstar who almost had 100 points this season would be a tough pill to swallow for Leafs Nation, however, when you consider how much the Leafs would get back and how trading Marner would also leave money in the pot for re-signing Freddie Andersen to an extension after next season, an argument can be made.

So if we discussing the potential of a trade, what may a deal look like? The Leafs are in win-now mode, so there is no chance if they trade Marner, they deal him for picks or prospects. It would be a hockey deal, potentially for names like:

  1. Drew Doughty
  2. Alex Pietrangelo
  3. Filip Forsberg and Ryan Ellis
  4. Tomas Hertl
  5. Bo Horvat, plus, plus. 
The Maple Leafs will have a hard time selling the fact, trading Mitch Marner was the only option they had. It's unlikely, but if Dreger thinks they will consider it, newsflash, they will consider it. More to come as the story develops.