Rumor: 2 RFA's in Marc Bergevin's scope

According to TV hockey personality and hockey radio host, Jean-Charles Lajoie, the Montreal Canadiens should offer Mitch Marner or Brayden Point an offer sheet this off-season.

Jean-Charles Lajoie has been outspoken most of the season for his insane comments, but earlier this week, he talked about something rather interesting. Giving an offer sheet to either Mitch Marner or Brayden Point. Of course, Mitch Marner will get what he deserves because he won't sign another "hometown discount" according to his agent.
It would be amazing to reunite Marner and Domi in Montreal, like at the 2014 Memorial Cup. What a smack in the face it would be to the Leafs! It would make rivalry more interesting between the Habs and Toronto.
Marner's agent has openly spoken about how Marner will get what he's worth and not a cent less. So far, Marner is playing like a $10M man. If Montreal were to offer him an offer sheet over $10,148 302, they would have to give up four 1st rounders. The price is pretty steep. Under it, would be two 1st rounders, a second rounder and a third rounder.

Former Montreal Canadian Vincent Damphousse believes if Marner costs too much, Montreal should land their aim on Brayden Point.
I believe that Tampa could sign Point around $10.5M and if Julien Brisebois decides to put him under contract, he will have to part ways will other players. If not, let him [Point] go and Marc Bergevin finds his number one centreman. 

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