Rumor: Maple Leafs Are Moving On From Patrick Marleau

According to a source close to the Maple Leafs operations, there is a mutual agreement with Patrick Marleau and the team, that he will not be in Blue and White next season.

The current expectation is he will be dealt back to the west coast, which suits his family life, and word is the Maple Leafs are willing to retain a big chunk of salary to make it happen. The Leafs are under a cap crunch as Mitch Marner still has yet to be paid, so to even save 4 million dollars would be a win for the Leafs. Marleau struggled in the playoffs and for most of the regular season, so it makes sense for the Leafs to look elsewhere.

Patty Marleau has been the father figure of the team and is beloved in the dressing room and by the fanbase, however, tough decisions have to be made in order to improve the team. Handing the leadership keys over to the likes of Morgan Rielly and Auston Matthews will be the next move for the club.

This move won't be an easy one to accept in the dressing room. Why so? Prime example. right here.

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