Gotta See It: Sean Avery sounds off on Marchand's punch and Bruins fan

So far this season, Sean Avery has sounded off on many things such as the Jake DeBrusk-Nazem Kadri saga and how New York Islanders fans treated John Tavares as he returned to Long Island. Now he is sounding off on Brad Marchand's punch behind Scott Harrington's head.

Brad Marchand was warned by the Department of Player Safety after he sucker punched Columbus Blue Jackets' Scott Harrington's head. And Sean Avery just sounded off about it and also ripped a Bruins fan in the mix also. Have a look:

Here is the punch that Marchand did in Game 3: Marchand escaped suspension, but was "severely" warned by the Department of Player Safety. What are your thoughts on Avery's comments?

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