How Brayden Schenn almost ended up as a member of the Boston Bruins this season

According to Sportsnet's Elliotte Friedman, St. Louis Blues Brayden Schenn was almost traded at the to the Boston Bruins.

Elliotte Friedman believes that Brayden Schenn was inches away from being traded to the Boston Bruins at the trade deadline earlier this season.
Around American Thanksgiving, his agent called him and told him that "there might be something going on with the Bruins. He had that in his mind, it just went away and he doesn’t know what happened to it. It never occurred but it was close enough that his agent called him and said he could be a Bruin. Tonight he’s a Bruin and they’re thankful for it.
Earlier this season, there were rumblings that since Bruins' Charlie McAvoy turned down a long-term contract extension from the Bruins that he may have been part of the deal. Boston was amongst the front-runners in acquiring Schenn, but things never materialized. 

What are your thoughts on the trade that never materialized?

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