Rumor: Jets Patrik Laine considering an offer from the Eastern Conference

According to sources, Patrik Laine has received the parameters of term and AAV from a team in the eastern conference as we approach July 1st.

The team is the New York Islanders, and if Lou Lamoriello misses out on Mitch Marner, Laine is their next target. The RFA market is as hot as it's ever been and believe is, this is finally the year where offer sheets will be handed out.

The Islanders currently have $21 million in cap space and since they don't have a ton of assets that are appealing to other teams, free agents will be their route to improve the club.

It's been reported Laine and the Jets are no where close to a deal and the talks have been messy. Because of Laine's inconsistent play in both ends of the rink, the worry for the Jets is term.

Could you see Laine on Long Island?