The Calgary Flames are looking at all options to move James Neal

The Calgary Flames would desperately like to move James Neal. The 31 year old left winger was signed in last years free agency on a 5 year 5.75 million dollar contract. Neal was a massive disappointment for the Flames as he registered 7 goals and 12 assists in 63 games, his lowest point total of his career. The Flames are looking at every possibly option to move Neal before the start of next season.

Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet was recently on the Fan 960, Calgarys sports radio, talking about the possibly of the Flames being able to move Neal and his contract out of town. Friedman stated:
“I think Calgary is trying to see what the market is for James Neal. They really have only two options with him. You bring him back and you hope that whatever bothered him last year doesn’t bother him and he’s better and it creates a market for him. Or you make a move now where you have to accept another contract in return. But he’s definitely available."
A a couple interesting names of teams have popped up in the Neal trade speculation, including provincial rival the Edmonton Oilers, division rival, Vancouver Canucks and Neals former team the Nashville Predators. The Oilers have kicked tires on Neal but for Calgary that would mean taking back Milan Lucic from the Oilers who is in the same position as Neal, a player who has underperformed after signing a big deal in free agency.

Friedman has also thought that a Neal for Kyle Turris swap with Nashville could be a good move for both teams as Turris needs a fresh start as well and Neal could potentially go back to the player he was in Nashville. Even TSN's Gord Miller believes Neal will be dealt.

Will the Flames be able to move James Neal? Or do they hang onto him and hope that his disastrous 2018/19 season was just a one off? 

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