Ranked: The Greatest Jerseys of All Time

In the NHL's over 100 years of existence, we have witnessed legends of the game of hockey, and have captured some iconic images. Sometimes the jerseys worn helps tell the story. This article ranks the greatest jerseys of all time.
With the countless jerseys that have been worn in the last century, it would be impossible to rank each and every one of them in order from worst to first. So for today, I have researched and determined what was the greatest jersey for six categories; Best current primary jersey, best current third jersey, best jersey no longer in use, best winter classic jersey, best all-star jersey, and finally, best international competition jersey.

Best Current Primary Jersey

This was a tough pick when Adidas became the provider of NHL jerseys; all the designs were simplified. However, the Minnesota Wild's color blocking combined with the simple red stripe across the middle makes for a nice contrast that accents the center logo well.

Best Current 3rd Jersey

This jersey gets so much unnecessary hate. The Arizona Coyotes wanted to bring back the Kachina logo and did so with a clean, yet well-detailed jersey. The Southwestern artistic piping puts it over the top.

Best Jersey No Longer in Use

The iconic Mighty Ducks Jersey is the greatest of all time. Nothing else needs to be said.

Best Winter Classic Jersey
Although I am usually a fan of doing special jerseys for different events like the Winter Classic, many of them have been pretty lack-luster. So the winner is the Penguins classic Blue and White jersey paying homage to their original colors.

Best All-Star Jersey
I included both the Eastern and Western Conference jerseys because they both look so good. Coming from the 2009 All-Star Game in Montreal, the colors added with the stars on the chest and going down the sleeve made some killer looking jerseys.

Best International Jersey
Norway absolutely crushed their jersey design for the 2018 Winter Olympics. The lettering across the chest is creative, the sleeves are epic, and the Viking War Ship is the coolest image on any hockey jersey that has ever existed.