Two Very Conflicting Rumors Surface About Taylor Hall's Future

As you well know by now, the former 1st overall draft pick is, at age 27 entering his prime and his UFA contract year. So what is next for one of the best Left Wingers in the world?

Well, word from my source out of New Jersey suggests that Hall's camp entered into long term negotiations with Devils Management as recent as the 10th of August. With huge trades and amazing young talent onboard in New Jersey, it would be easy to understand why Hall might be interested in hanging around. The future in New Jersey is as bright as any team in the league in my opinion.

The more juicy news however, is a hotly contested rumour out of Edmonton which suggests that the former Oilers star is eyeing a return to where is all began. Under new management the team appears to at least be steered in the right direction. With the emergence of superstar Leon Draisaitl, the idea of playing alongside the aforementioned German stud and/or Connor McDavid may indeed be intriguing.

It's easy to forget that Hall didn't leave on his own accord, he was traded. He remains endeared to a fan base who believed Hall, no matter how good he was, was not put in a position for the team to succeed. Furthermore, Taylor still remains close friends with team Captain, Connor McDavid.  With a Hart trophy already under his belt, could a return home in pursuit of more hardware be a possibility?

With the start of a new season right around the corner, I hearby declare "Taylor Watch" to be in full effect.

In case you forgot what a world class Winger looks like, I have added the video below simply because I love this player.