Leafs Auston Matthews due in court for disorderly conduct

The Maple Leafs Auston Matthews circled a date on his calendar, and no Leafs fans, it's not the season opener. It's September 25th, as the Arizona native is due in a Scottsdale court to answer questions around a May incident outside his condo.

The incident included a security guard sitting in her vehicle which was locked, and Matthews and his friends, according to the police report, tried to open the door while she was in the vehicle. This behaviour startled the security guard a tremendous amount, as she is a military vet and suffers from PTSD.

After conversation ensued, and the security guard mentioned she would be reporting the incident, Matthews proceeded to walk away and pull his pants down, bent over, and grabbed his butt cheeks. His friends tried to convince the security guard to brush the incident under the rug, however, she reminded them it was on camera and would be reported.

Matthews isn't expected to show in court, as his Lawyer can handle these duties. He was slated to play vs the Canadiens at preseason. His status for the game is touch and go.

Quite the turn of events for Matthews as he was building off his EA Sports cover to reportedly be named captain of the Maple Leafs. Now these questions to answer.

Would you still give Matthews the "C"?

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