Ryan Reaves and Evander Kane continue to take shots at each other

Vegas Golden Knight, Ryan Reaves has a hard time finding people to fight, meanwhile, Evander Kane of San Jose has never backed down from anybody. The two have battled it out multiple times, and it appears the war with words has continued this offseason.

Ryan Reaves was attending a friends wedding where he held some responsibilities with the mic. Turns out he took this as a perfect time to remind everyone how Evander Kane is scared of him.

Kane was tagged enough in the comments to get his attention on Social Media and it didn't take long for Evander to clap back:

Is chirping someone at a wedding classless? Should we consider it funny and carry on? You do you, what we do know, the Sharks and Golden Knights play opening night and you can expect a heavyweight tilt between Reaves and Kane.

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