VIDEO: New Footage Revealing Auston Matthews' Actions Which Landed Him in Court

We learned yesterday that Auston Matthews was due in court for criminal disorderly conduct charges. We got very broad details from early reports, but a video released yesterday gives us a much clearer image on what happened that night.
Body cam footage was released just yesterday showing Fayola Dozithee, a 33-year old Iraq veteran, explaining the situation that happened in May.

While in her car, Dozithee remembers Matthews and two of his friends approaching her car, drunk, and attempting to get into the vehicle. When trying to stop the trio of individuals, Matthews turned around and dropped his pants in front of her, exclaiming that he "didn't give a shit."

It is worth noting that because he was still wearing boxers, and did not expose himself, he would not be charged with sexual indecency, which carries a punishment ranging from probation, fines, and even some jail time.

Dozithee was quoted as saying "You do not approach a female at 2 a.m. in the morning thinking it’s funny to see how she would react to get in her car. There’s three of you, there’s one of me. You could’ve done anything to me and I was at a disadvantage because of that..." 

What tipped Dozithee over the edge, was the reaction from Matthews' father, who initially claimed his son did nothing wrong and that Dozithee was lying. She told the police “The fact that you’re denying it and your pompous dad is acting like you’re practically Jesus and you’d never do such a thing. He had no response after they sent him footage. He didn’t have nothing to say.”

She then pointed out that if Matthews is willing to do something like this at 22 years old, what might he do as he gets older? He might have learned from that night had Dozithee not pressed charges, but there is also the possibility that things got worse.

As you may have heard, Maple Leafs GM Kyle Dubas was not made aware of this for over three months, and was not informed by Matthews at all. Rather, he found out about this incident through social media. With the Maple Leafs set to announce a new captain in the coming days, and all signs were pointing to Matthews becoming the next Leafs captain, one has to wonder if Toronto holds off on announcing a captain, or if they rethink their choice all together.

Here is the full body cam footage captured by the Scottsdale police department:

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