Austrian netminder killed in mass murder at ski resort

A ski resort massacre in the Austrian town of Kitzbuehel has left 5 dead, including goaltender Florian Janny who just debuted his hockey career with the EHC Black Wings.

According to the police report, the senseless act was of rage and jealousy by a former boyfriend of Janny's newfound love. The suspect only known as "Andreas" encountered Janny on Saturday night while he was accompanied by girlfriend identified as "Nadine H." Andreas and Nadine were in a relationship two months prior to the encounter, and as Andreas hadn't moved on, an altercation between Florian and Andreas ensued.

Andreas showed up later at Nadine's family home at 4AM on Sunday morning, but was scared off by her father Rupert H. as he opened the door. Authorities believe Andreas only left the premises only to go back and retrieve his brother's gun only to shoot Rupert the second time he opened the door. As Andreas entered the home, he shot Nadine's mother Andrea H, and her 25-year old brother Kevin. After butchering Nadine's family, Andreas set off to find Nadine and Florian who were sleeping in a flat that was connected to the house, eventually finding them and shooting them both in cold blood as they slept.

According to authorities, Andreas turned himself in as he calmly walked into the police station.
I have just killed five people, Andreas confessed to the officer sitting at the desk as he placed a gun and a bloody knife in front of the officer. 
Janny played his first game as a member of the EHC Black Wings and put up a promising performance, recording a 1.54 GAA and a 9.47 save percentage.

Our thoughts and prayers are with both families.

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