Doughty Rips Canucks after embarrassing loss

After scoring the game winner in overtime in Calgary the night before, Kings defenceman Drew Doughty was ready to take on the Vancouver Canucks. Well, things didn't go as planned as the Canucks demolished the Kings 8-2, and Doughty had some rough words for the Canucks organization.

It's [Expletive] embarrassing. A team like that shouldn't be beating a team like ours 8-2, Doughty told reporters. There's absolutely no way.
He was also not very happy about the Canucks scoring the first goal in the first period. Slamming his stick and directing himself towards the official.  Doughty has had a history of hating the Canucks organization, and states that the hate was because of the playoffs when they met multiple times before the Canucks rebuild. What are your thoughts on Doughty's comments?

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