Jordan Subban victimized by racism in Austrian Hockey League

Jordan Subban grew up in a hockey family, full of love, inclusion and hard work. Subban is currently playing in the Austrian hockey league for the Dornbirn Bulldogs and what happened next is completely unacceptable.

Friday night the Bulldogs were playing the Graz 99ers, when some fans in the stands started directing monkey noises toward Subban, in a brutal clear sign of racism.

The 99ers immediately apologized publicly for the incident, saying the team "will do everything to ensure that something like this never happens again. Should we locate the guilty persons here, they will immediately receive an immediate, lifelong ban."

The Austrian EBEL had this to say: "The Erste Bank Ice Hockey League will investigate incidents in more detail and speak with everyone involved, but one this is clear: racism, xenophobia, prejudice and exclusion have no place in our league! We stand for a peaceful and respectful togetherness".

Subban who has been given a look from the Vancouver Canucks and Toronto Maple Leafs is currently an NHL free agent, trying to make his mark in pro hockey. He's managed to play 232 AHL games.

Racism has no place in society. Let's hope the culprits get what's coming for them!